So what is a copywriter anyway?

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So what is a copywriter anyway?

So what’s a copywriter? This is the question I’m asked more than any other. 

For starters, it’s nothing to do with the legal issues, as in ‘copyright’ and the little c with a circle around it. That’s a whole different ball game and you’ll need to see a lawyer.

Instead, copywriting is creating written content for a business or organisation. It is writing with an agenda, unlike journalism which is writing with an intent purely to inform. Journalists aim to be objective, but copywriters by always writing subjectively and persuasively to encourage you to take action – most often to buy something!

Now I trained as a journalist, and worked in business magazines for 10 years. So of course my writing reflects this. But unlike journalists, copywriters are not published under their own name and the copy is approved by the client, and sometimes multiple stakeholders, before it is published.

You can see examples of copywriting everywhere – from advertisements in print and online, to websites, social media, advertorials, brochures, email newsletters, broadcast advertising scripts and jingles, media releases, sales catalogues and everything in between.

There are specialities within copywriting, such as writing SEO content that helps websites to rank well on Google; proofreading and factchecking; and social media content.

Another difference between journalists and copywriters is that there is no recognised copywriting qualification or accreditation. Copywriters might have university qualifications in marketing, communications and/or journalism, or no academic training at all. So copywriters rely on their reputation and experience, as well as a high level of proficiency in the English language.

Effective copywriting can really help you stand out amongst the competition, especially online. Well-written copy explains the benefits of your products or services to the target audience, and explains how your business can solve the reader’s problem.

So if you have copyright issues with your intellectual property, call a lawyer. But if you need some effective and engaging copy written, contact me